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Earthsave is a sustainable brand that only offers sustainable and re-usable packaging. With waste images and movies of poorer regions, seas being filled with tons of plastic waste, micro-plastics in our food,... we and society are becoming more environment conscious. People are increasingly aware of the impact that modern life has on our planet, and we all want to contribute in a way. 

While going to the grocery store, many people are becoming increasingly aware of product packaging and want to use more environmentally friendly possibilities. We want to meet those needs of customers who are looking for more eco-friendly options and want to comply to this demand by offering re-usable and sustainable product packaging. We think the main goal should be to use less plastic and have less packaging in circulation and as a specialist in food packaging we want to contribute and share our experience to make this happen. 


“The mesh bags of Earthsave are of great quality, the material of the mesh is very soft and in comparison with regular plastic bags, there is no moisture when putting the fruit and vegetables in the bags. I even put it in the fridge with bag included, which I would never have done before with a regular plastic bag". 

— Linda Geeraerts, Customer of Belgian supermarket

“I would recommend the mesh bags of earthsave. I have now been using them for half a year, and they still seem very usable and do not show any damage at all." 

— Alexandra Roosemeyers, Customer of Belgian supermarket


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